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Freelance Work

Placing an Order for Design Services


In order to complete an estimate for services, I need to know details of the work to be done including what it's finished purpose is, the dimensions of the piece if applicable and what style the work is to be done in. Once I have a clear idea of the task I will create an itemized list of services needed to produce a finished product. If additional work is requested or needed beyond what's included in the initial estimate, I will inform and provide an updated estimate for services before any work is done. I do not charge for any work that is not previously approved by the customer.

Once an estimate is accepted, I require a 50% deposit on the total before I will begin working on the order. Final payment is due upon completion.

Acceptable Art Files

  • Files must be clean vector images or in good resolution for the size of the art.

  • Acceptable file types include: eps, tiff, pdf, ai, jpeg, and psd.

  • If the art submitted will not be of a good enough quality to appear polished in the final work, then options will be discussed. If artwork needs to be redone and is not part of the original estimate then an additional charge may apply.

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